VS2010 editor "identifier $$$ is undefined" error (syntax highlight is OK, though)

Aug 2, 2012 at 9:58 AM


I've just installed NShader 1.3 on my VS 2010 Pro with nVidia's Nsight. The syntax highlight is working properly (I guess -- see below), but the editor keeps underlining HLSL keywords and syntax, stating things like  

identifier $$$ is undefined

for keywords like float2, SV_POSITION and SamplerState, and

expected a declaration

for the ":" in statements like

Texture2D billboard : register( t0 );

Did I do something wrong?

Also, HLSL reserved words like "cbuffer", "Texture2D" and "SamplerState" are not highlighted, as well as system value semantics and semantics with no index (TEXCOORD0 is highlighted, but TEXCOORD is not). Is this the expected behavior?

Thx a lot for the good work!